Adventure World's new $12m World Class Roller Coaster


It Takes a Lot
to Build a Legend!

The Chosen Ones will be immortalised as the first to ride ABYSS, and at a heart pounding, adrenaline pumping 630 metres lasting 2 minutes, what a ride it will be!

While tracking down a rogue Guardian and saving the world is no mean feat, building a behemoth the size of ABYSS is another story altogether! Before construction could begin at its new Adventure World home, this world-class roller coaster was packed into giant containers and shipped 11789 nautical miles from Germany to Fremantle. To secure it in place on its 11,850 sq. metre site has taken 850 cubic metres of concrete and a crew of 150 highly skilled workmen and engineers who have worked tirelessly to bring ABYSS to life.

Once complete it will provide a ride experience that has been described as one of the most terrifying of its kind. The cars, each carrying 8 passengers, will hit top speeds of up to 85kmph and experience G-Forces close to those achieved by Formula 1 cars at corners. It’s little wonder that the ABYSS has been dubbed the Ferrari of Roller Coasters.

It Takes a Lot to Build a Legend!