Adventure World's new $12m World Class Roller Coaster


The Quest for the Perfect Ride

Prior to your quest, Adventure World had embarked on a monumental one of their own. For more than 18 months, they searched the world to find a ride that would deliver a level of thrills and excitement unlike anything seen in these parts before! Their journey took them to the Gerstlauer factory in Munsterhausen, a tiny unassuming municipality in Germany that is the birthplace of the Euro-Fighter one of the most feared and exhilarating roller coasters ever built.

Already billed as Australia's most thrilling coaster, at $12m, ABYSS is the single largest investment in Adventure World's 30-year history and will firmly place WA on the world theme park stage. Boasting the latest and most advanced white-knuckle technology in the country, ABYSS offers those brave enough to ride it an experience like no other. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we continue to reveal here the secrets behind its awesome power.

Who will be immortalised as The Chosen Ones is yet to be decided, but one thing is certain, you will never be the same again.

Abyss - The quest for the ultimate ride.